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Applications Engineering

NATUS offers you the entire spectrum of solutions and services for your needs in the field of automation. You can benefit from our simulation and visualisation of the processes in real time: We are instantly capable to supply know-how and tools for optimising the chosen systems.


We have expert knowledge in software and hardware for automation solutions in the following areas:


  • Distributed Control systems (DCS) for medium-sized and large-scale installation up to systems for power plants.
  • Factory Automation Systems (FAS), visualisation and SPS control for your installations and machines. With our testing systems we simulate each installation and every bus system.
  • Electrical Control Systems (ECS), NATUS uses modern bus systems to optimize the monitoring and controlling of switchgear systems. You can rely on our top level competences – for decades we have been gaining experience in the production of switchgear systems.


Take the word of our competence centre - we provide you with the state-of-the-art technology! We develop tailored solutions and program modules for your needs. We can fit standard systems according to your special needs.

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