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NATUS as a partner for the S5 => S7 migration



  • Analysis of the S5 program in real time simulation in laboratory environment
  • Experiences in programming since the existence of the S5 product line
  • SIEMENS Solution Partner
  • Vendor-neutral
  • Modernisation due to integrated view on the whole installation


Advantages for you

  • Warranty of your manufacturing standards
  • Broader range of automation functions, integration in MES/ERP
  • System visualisation and data filing
  • Possibility to upgrade your installation through current function and communication modules


Good reasons for migration

  • Increase of production capacity and quality
  • Reduction of increasing maintenance costs in S5
  • Avoidance of unscheduled production stops
  • Time saving by reduced maintenance works
  • Warranty of qualified service and support




Partnerships / Cooperations

We work with standard systems and keep numerous partnerships


Process Control Instrumentation

Our services in the area of Process Control Instrumentation:



  • P & ID editing by means of material balances and process data
  • Design specifications of transmitters by choice of measuring principles and material specifications considering process technology requirements
  • Design specifications valves by Cv-value calculus, selection of type of valve taking technical rules into consideration (e.g. VD-TÜV, TA-Luft, VDI, ASME, API )
  • Preparation of instrument specification sheets for transmitters and control valves



  • Preparation of tender procurements with consideration for the client’s vendor list
  • Drafting of instrument location diagrams with consideration for plant organization, etc.
  • Drafting of junction box location diagrams, unless WLAN is not used
  • Preparation of lists (DCS-lists, alarm lists, cable plan and cable lists and layout-drawings in German, English, French, Spanish and Russian
  • Preparation of bill of materials in EXCEL
  • Preparation or supply of calibration certificates of HART-parameterized transmitters and valve positioners
  • Drafting of loops diagrams, termination diagrams, hook-ups, junction box plans, etc.
  • Procurement and stock-taking of transmitters and valves


Our services in the area of process analytics and emission monitoring systems (CEMS):


  • Dew point and acid dew point calculus as far as gas analysis is concerned
  • Site assistance if the assessment of the flow measuring point or gas sampling location is required
  • Design of sample handling systems and selection of process wetted materials taking into consideration process conditions
  • Design of vendor independent choice of the analyzers taking into consideration process conditions (cross interference, spectroscopic aspects etc.)
  • Design of analyser houses according to IEC 1285 and other rules (ATEX, EN, IEC, NFPA )
  • Design according to the client‘s specifications, procurement, shop pre-inspections, factory acceptance test (FAT) of analyzing systems and analyzers according to your quality control plan


  • Preparation of tenders for procurement with vendor list on our hand
  • Drafting of flow diagrams in AUTOCAD and ACROBAT-pdf
  • Drafting of layout-diagrams of analyzer houses and cabinets
  • Preparation of lists such as alarm lists, bill of materials, spare parts list for 2 years operation, etc.
  • Electrical documentation drafted in EPLAN-P8
  • Technical documentation (ATEX-certificates, approvals 3.1b, data sheets, user manuals and operational instructions, cause & effect diagrams, etc.)
  • Preparation of maintenance instructions, plus specifications of calibration gases, etc.
  • Preparation of calibration certificates, HART-parameterized transmitters and analyzers
  • Drafting of loop diagrams and termination diagrams
  • IT-solutions for data coupling of analyzers by ETHERNET-TC/IP and OPC

Instrumentation & Control

For applications in the area of process control instrumentation as well as in process analytics and emission monitoring systems we offer optimal, vendor-neutral solutions for customers in these areas:


  • chemical and petrochemical works
  • gas industry
  • power plants
  • refineries


Our competences in the area of instrumentation and control:


  • Process Control Instrumentation
    Cubicle instrumentation and control fittings according to your specifications
  • Emission monitoring & process analytics
    Emission monitoring according to European and American regulations and process analytics for the industrial sectors of chemistry, oil and gas


We offer basic and detailed engineering.

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