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Temporary Employment with NATUS

When your business requires skilled supervisors, commissioners, electricians or mechanical supervisors, we provide you with the temporary staff that you need to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Since 2002 NATUS GmbH & Co. KG is licensed by the German employment agency to supply temporary workers according to the currently valid law on temporary work. The license was renewed in 2006 for an indefinite period.

The certifications issued by well known German institutions verify our commitment to social responsibility.

Industrial Installations

Experienced specialists offer our customers an optimal design, reliable implementation, functional final assembly, and commissioning of specifically tailored projects.

Quality awareness and high qualification level of our staff are essential for systems assembly. This particularly applies to larger systems: plant safety and ease of maintenance can only be guaranteed later if the assembly process is precise.

High quality and compliance with technical requirements are key criteria for supply of installation equipment. But environmental issues are also coming to the fore as a quality feature for NATUS. We also ensure that the system assembly is completed according to the country standards and to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Project Management Turnkey

NATUS product know-how, engineering expertise, and excellent service ensure professional, innovative solutions tailored to specific needs and application areas of our customers. Our experts offer you a comprehensive package of services to ensure all the requirements are met:


  • definition of project objectives
  • definition of project structure
  • up-to-date overview of project progression for all parties involved, at any time
  • timely identification and handling of risks


Apart from extensive technical consultation including project management, cost, resource and deadline monitoring as well as control, we manage Turnkey Projects, which implies planning and projection, construction management and assembly followed by customer service and support. The entire project is completed according to our high quality standards, and thus to your full satisfaction. To provide the given service we choose the appropriate practices with our partners:


  • conclusion of a contract
  • consortium agreement
  • conclusion of a supply agreement

Project Engineering

Competent teams of experienced employees are continuously developing solutions that guarantee the highest possible quality and efficiency. Cooperation on a partnership basis means for us collaboration beyond the planning period.

By managing large-scale projects we integrate different planning and construction tools in order to develop cost-effective and high-performance solutions.

Process control

Careful planning and diligent calculation of power routing as well as efficient control engineering are crucial to modern industrial processes according to the electromagnetic compatibility regulations and standards in the plant construction.

Building services and equipment

Along with the process technology, industrial plants require numerous other techniques, such as communication, and access control systems or video security systems. These products, provided by our selected and trusted external suppliers, complete the range of services offered. NATUS also takes care of planning interior and exterior lighting, and of the complete electrical installations according to the applicable standards.

Cable tray planning and cable routing

To satisfy the trend towards increasingly compact industry and power plants, a well thought through cable tray design is required. We aim for an optimized cable route that is essential for modern cable management.

Earthing systems, lightning protection, and overvoltage protection

We plan and set up earthing systems for lightning and overvoltage protection according to the latest DIN and VDE standards. In this way we guarantee the optimal fault current prevention and reliable triggering of protective devices.


Our products and services range from state-of-the-art medium and low voltage systems, plant and process automation, control systems, to turnkey project management, project engineering, industrial installation and service right through to integrated electrotechnical solutions.




As a general contractor for TURNKEY projects, NATUS supplies everything that is needed for planning and implementation.


Our services are as varied as our customers’ requirements. The only common denominator for the services is their cost-effectiveness that we achieve through a high degree of automation.


Strong performance, high quality, and adherence to deadlines are distinguishing characteristics of Industrial Installations by NATUS
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