Virtual commissioning (VC)

The optimal commissioning process takes place in the office

Commissioning is usually the first attempt to test the control system configuration under real conditions. Commissioning presents exceptional circumstances, because everything has to be performed in the shortest possible time so that the system can be handed over to production operation.

How can the time factor, which drives up costs, be kept under control? NATUS has the solution to this question, and has been applying it since 1996: simulation. We use the SIMIT simulation platform to create a basic simulation for the control engineering configuration. The basic simulation is used from the beginning of the configuration and accompanies all configuration steps up to the final test together with the customer.

Through simulation, NATUS offers a possibility of performing virtual commissioning, because optimal commissioning already takes place in the office.
The result: a tested control engineering configuration before starting commissioning. This not only saves time, but also reduces costs noticeably – commissioning is carried out with a smile.

NATUS VC benefits

  • Faster implementation of your specifications
  • Configuration test right from the start
  • Customer (pre-)approval on the simulator
  • Quality improvement as system is tested and documented on delivery
  • Cost and time savings during on-site commissioning
  • Commissioning support via remote access

Are you after greater simulation for your process? NATUS has the right solution for you too – the flight simulator for the processing industry. This link will take you to the operator training system for your process.