NATUS takes over the company Kesselhut

The NATUS GmbH & Co. KG has retroactively as of 01.01.2024 taken over the company Kesselhut Schaltanlagen GmbH & Co. KG, based in Leopoldshöhe-Asemissen (near Bielefeld), with retroactive effect from 1 January 2024.

The takeover is a strategic and future-oriented acquisition, as Kesselhut, which, like NATUS, manufactures low-voltage switchgear using fixed installation technology, serves different markets and customer bases than NATUS with its 45 employees and a turnover of over €10 million.

This acquisition is a strategic expansion for NATUS into new markets and a new geographical presence in northern Germany, which will increase NATUS' overall presence in the German market and thus its market share in the long term.

The company Kesselhut Schaltanlagen will continue to be managed by the previous managing partner and former sole owner Mr Andreas Pahl as managing director. This ensures the important continuity in the management of Kesselhut Schaltanlagen.

NATUS enables fast charging of e-cars

POWER ON BY NATUS - Two public fast-charging stations for electric cars are now also available near the motorway in the Trier-Nord industrial estate - operated by NATUS.

The starting signal for the commissioning was given by the Lord Mayor of the City of Trier, Mr Wolfram Leibe, at the official inauguration on 13 March 2024. "We are very pleased that we, as an innovative technology company, can enrich the charging infrastructure of the City of Trier with our fast-charging stations and thus make a contribution to the energy transition and sustainability," said Frank Natus, Managing Partner of NATUS GmbH & Co KG. Lord Mayor Leibe praised Natus' commitment to this important topic for the future and emphasised that the NATUS fast-charging stations contribute to improving the charging infrastructure in the city of Trier. This important topic requires personal commitment, as it is difficult for the city to drive this forward on its own.

The charging infrastructure was planned and realised according to a concept developed by NATUS and proven in the company's customer projects.

The two fast-charging stations are located on the NATUS premises, opposite NATUS Building 2 at Loebstrasse 17, in a strategically good location in the immediate vicinity of the motorway and the distribution circle in Trier-Nord.

NATUS aligns "Jugend forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier" for the 15th time

Under this year's motto "Make up your mind!", we as the sponsoring company NATUS welcomed over 60 young researchers to our Trier regional competition at Trier University of Applied Sciences on Friday 16 February 2024.

The highlight of the exciting competition day was the ceremony to honour the participants and winners. Anja Natus (NATUS GmbH & Co KG) opened the ceremony, followed by a welcome address from the Vice President of Trier University of Applied Sciences, Prof Dr Beate Massa. The regional competition director Dr Sabine Servaty was responsible for honouring the participants and winners.

We would like to congratulate all participants and winners of the Jugend forscht regional competition in Trier and wish them every success in the upcoming state competitions!

Photo: Triererischer Volksfreund

NATUS takes over GfN in Leipzig

GfN Gesellschaft für Niederspannungsmodule mbH in Leipzig has been working in partnership with NATUS for more than 11 years. Founded in 2001 by Mr. Wolfgang Franke, the company offers services in the field of switchgear production, in the context of which low-voltage plug-in units for low-voltage switchgear and low-voltage niches/boxes for medium-voltage switchgear are assembled, wired and tested. This collaboration intensified to such an extent that GFN became a wholly owned subsidiary of NATUS GmbH & Co. KG, under the management of Ms. Katja Helbig.

For NATUS, GFN is a crucial component in ensuring sufficient production capacity and thus remaining flexible and capable of acting. The joint launch in October 2023 marked a positive start to a long-term and successful collaboration between NATUS and GFN.

NATUS Inhouse Seminar 2023 - The world of energy is changing

This year's NATUS in-house seminar took place at the technology company's headquarters in Trier under the title "Switching - Energy Supply of the Future". More than 70 of the company's customers accepted the invitation from NATUS to learn interesting facts about this topic of the future and to discuss this in talks with experts on site. The agenda of the exciting program included qualified lectures by top-class speakers.

Arndt Müller, Member of the Board of Stadtwerke Trier, spoke under the title "Energy Transformation at Stadtwerke Trier - On the Way to the Climate Region Trier" and offered insights into the corporate strategy of Stadtwerke Trier in this challenging future topic.

Dr. Heike Pfistner, Head of Strategic Marketing & Product Management BASF Stationary Energy Storage, highlighted the role of NAS® batteries as the energy storage medium of the future with her eloquent technical presentation "Energy storage - an indispensable pillar of the energy transition".

Dr. Philipp Steffens, Head of Equipment Technology & Digitization at Westnetz GmbH, presented possible solutions to ensure security and availability in the grid in the future under the title "Innovative distribution grids as the key to a sustainable energy supply"

NATUS junior staff start their apprenticeship

For the new training year, Mr. Frank Natus, Managing Partner of NATUS GmbH & Co. KG welcomed 13 new trainees. Seven electronics technicians for industrial engineering, two industrial electricians for industrial engineering, one machine and plant operator, one specialist for warehouse logistics, one technical product designer and one industrial clerk are being trained. NATUS is currently training a total of 38 young people at its headquarters in Trier.

There was a successful premiere at the start of the young professionals at NATUS: One day before the official start of training, a parents' evening took place on site, where the new trainees together with their parents could get to know the NATUS company and their training managers and immerse themselves in the NATUS world at first hand during a production tour.

NATUS honours jubilarians from 2022

In May 2023, together with Mr. Frank Natus, Ms. Anja Natus and the executives, the honoring of our 2022 anniversaries and the farewell of the retirees into their well-deserved retirement took place in a festive setting at Nells Park Hotel Trier. One employee was honored for 10 years of service and four employees for 25 years of service. Seven employees were bid farewell to their well-deserved retirement. Our managing partner Frank Natus thanked them all for their great work and commitment and presented them with the traditional gifts.

NATUS is one of the "Hidden champions"

This month, the Research Center for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses at the University of Trier presented its latest study of the "Hidden Champions". In this project, funded by the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of Rhineland-Palatinate, technologically innovative medium-sized companies are selected - and we are one of them!

As quality and technology leaders, hidden champions are an important pillar of the SME sector and of enormous significance for the economy and society of our state - a responsibility of which we are particularly aware as an owner-managed family business and professional and reliable partner to industry, plant engineering and energy suppliers.

We are proud of this recognition and look forward to further cooperation with the head of the study, Prof. Dr. Jörn Block, who was able to see our services and products for himself during a visit here at our company.

More info and a complete overview of the Hidden Champions can be found in a digital map on the project website.  

NATUS aligns "Jugend forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier" for the 14th time

Under this year's motto "Make ideas big!", we as the sponsoring company NATUS welcomed over 60 young researchers to the "Jugenfd forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier" at Trier University of Applied Sciences on Friday 10 February 2023.

The highlight of the exciting competition day was the ceremony to honour the participants and winners. Anja Natus (NATUS GmbH & Co. KG) opened the ceremony, followed by greetings from the Lord Mayor of the City of Trier Wolfram Leibe and the President of Trier University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. Dorit Schumann. The regional competition director Dr. Sabine Servaty honoured the participants and winners.

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

Foto: Hans Krämer | Triererischer Volksfreund

NATUS receives creditworthiness certificate "CrefoZert"

Under the strictest assessment criteria, the "CrefoZert" distinguishes companies that have a very good credit rating and a low probability of default, that maintain reliable business relationships and are highly solvent. Only just under two percent of companies in Germany receive an award from Creditreform each year for their exceptionally good creditworthiness.

We at NATUS are very pleased to have met all the demanding criteria of the certification and are very proud of this award!

NATUS celebrates the traditional summer festival

After a two-year‚ forced break‘ we were finally able to celebrate the traditional and popular NATUS summer festival in july 2022 which is an important part of our corporate culture! Together with our retirees, we could finally see each other in person again. Accompanied by bright sunshine, tasty cocktails, cooling drinks and street food we spent a couple of pleasant hours on our NATUS party lawn.

NATUS gets involved with Palais e.V. Trier

For NATUS as a family business it has always been a personal matter to support development of disadvantaged children and adolescents. Under the motto‚ Palais makes people strong for life’ the social service provider Palais e.V. based in Trier takes up challenges that children, adolescents and their families may meet in their everyday life. The range of services offered encompasses a good start in life, dealing with school-related and parenting problems as well as developing independence and creating career opportunities. Moreover, since 2015 unaccompanied underage refugees have been supported in gaining a foothold in their new environment, learning the language and values of our society so that they can get fully integrated in our life here.

The great aim of the association is to achieve the best possible results for ‚our‘ children through covering their basic needs. That is why Palais e.V. always looks for cooperation partners sharing this vision. In the NATUS company they have found the right partner- we would like to support Palais e.V. in making children and young people strong for life!

Within our long-term partnership we would like to launch many joint projects and ideas and we are looking forward to our cooperation! Further information about Palais e.V. and its work can be found under

Frank Natus, Christiane Hanke, Carmen Press (Palais e.V.), Anja Natus

NATUS honours jubilarians from 2021

In June 2022 NATUS together with Mr. Frank Natus, Mrs. Anja Natus and the company’s  executives honoured our jubilarians from 2021 and said farewell to coworkers leaving for well-deserved retirement in a festive setting in the Nells Park Hotel Trier. 22 employees were honoured for 10 years and 10 employees - for 25 years of company service. Two employees were honoured for having worked for the company for even 40 years. 6 coworkers celebrated their retirement. Our managing partner Frank Natus thanked everyone for their great commitment and presented traditional gifts.

NATUS Trainee Day

Company tours during the NATUS Trainee Day allowed the visitors to gain exciting insights into our manufacturing department. Our trainees told visitors about their work routine and carried out practical electrotechnical exercises with the young people. The varied and interesting programme was completed with an individual job application training. Our new Trainee Mobil was a successful debut- really awesome!

NATUS aligns "Jugend forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier" online

On Friday 11 February, we traditionally host the "Jugend forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier" as a sponsoring company. In these extraordinary times, this event is taking place completely in online format for the first time.  86 participants with 44 projects are competing with us this year. We are very pleased that Trier University of Applied Sciences, as our long-standing partner, is enriching the programme of our competition with the interesting lecture "Von Null auf KI". From the Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Georg Rock, Christoph Zinnen, Lucas Küntzer and Jutta Straubinger will report on AI in everyday life, at school and at university. They will also provide a practical insight into a robotics laboratory.

NATUS takes on social responsibility

Times are extraordinary and the need to support needy causes is greater and more diverse than ever. We as the NATUS company would also like to make our contribution and this year, instead of the usual Christmas presents for our customers and business partners, we have decided to donate the budget earmarked for this purpose. After extensive research and many personal discussions, we decided to support the non-profit association „AURYN Trier e.V.“, which takes care of children with mentally ill parents. You can find more information on the website

NATUS wins largest order in the company's history

The international accelerator facility FAIR in Darmstadt, Germany is one of the world's largest and most complex construction projects for top international research. In this major project, NATUS was able to win the largest order in the company's 65-year history as a system supplier for turn-key complete electrotechical solutions. "Trierer Schaltanlage für Teilchenbeschleuniger" is the headline of the "Trierischer Volksfreund" in its report, resulting from an interview with our managing partner Frank Natus. Under the headline "In Lichtgeschwindigkeit auf dem Erfolgsweg", the IHK magazine "Blickpunkt Wirtschaft" reports on this order.

(Photo: ion24/FAIR)

NATUS welcomes new trainees 2021

At the start of the new training year Frank Natus (Managing Partner) welcomed 12 new trainees in the presence of his wife Anja Natus (Department Manager Communication). One industrial clerk, one IT specialist in System Integration, five electronics for industrial engineering, one warehouse logistics specialist, one construction mechaic specialist and one machine and plant operator specialist are trainieed. One "Electrical Entry Qualification" is trained as well as a dual degree program (electrical engineer for industrial engineering).

NATUS team at the start of the women's run and company run

The corona pandemic has also completely turned the calendar of running events in Trier upside down for over a year, so we were all the more pleased that we could now take part in two runs. At the premiere of the "1. Edith Lücke-Frauenlauf" on August 29th, we were represented with women power and also at the "7. Bitburger 0.0% Firmenlauf" on September 8th, 2021 the NATUS team was at the start with a small but fine team. An excellent 11th place in the team ranking was the result of a great evening of running in good weather and in a good mood. 

NATUS employee newspaper - new format, new design

In a new design with informative, exciting and expressively illustrated articles - this is how the new NATUS employee newspaper "NATUS IN DETAIL", whose first issue has just been published, presents itself. In classic newspaper style, current topics and events from the internal and external "NATUS world" are individually prepared for the employees but also for interested external parties - that is the claim of NATUS to take everyone along in the diverse and exciting company topics.

The "NATUS IN DETAIL" is consistently designed in the new NATUS design and thus also refers to the new NATUS key visual. It depends on each individual, on even the smallest detail, because this makes the decisive difference for NATUS. 

NATUS stands for precision down to the smallest detail, for "PRECISION IN DETAIL".

NATUS presents a new key visual

The corporate design of NATUS, is currently being modernised and developed into a trend-setting concept. "As a medium-sized family business, we pay precise attention to every last detail, both in the development, planning and production of our highly technical products and in the management of our individual divisions. All of this is only possible with the support of our qualified and committed employees - this is the basis for our success: The details make the difference - NATUS stands for precision in detail." (Frank Natus, Managing Partner)

The new key visual with individual image motifs from the different areas of our company is an expression of NATUS' self-image internally and in public: "Precision in Detail".

NATUS welcome trainee newcomer 2020

This year seven young people are taking part in our apprenticeship training program. Two of them will become electronics engineers for industrial engineering and two will become industrial clerks. Two "Electrical Entry Qualification" apprentices are trained as well as a dual degree program (electrical engineer for industrial engineering). The premiere of the trainee rally, which was organized by our youth and trainee representatives, was a great success! At several stations that were spread over the entire company premises, the new trainees were able to gain an initial insight into the NATUS organization through playful learning. During the presentations in the various departments, the new trainees were able to establish initial contacts with their new ones colleagues.

NATUS donates new benches for the "Caritas" children's playground

For several years we have been working in partnership to work with children and young people from the "Caritasverband Trier e.V." We are very happy to support the children again: Thanks to our donation, stable wooden benches could be purchased as seating for the children in the outdoor area of ​​the facility in Trier-West, through which the "little ones" and all employees can learn of the construction playground were very happy!

NATUS - 10 years of sponsorship by Jugend forscht

On Friday, February 14, 2020, we were able to welcome 74 research students and young people with their 47 projects to the Trier regional competition "Jugend forscht". This year the young researchers showed a wide range of exciting and innovative projects. The participants and winners of the competition were honored at a ceremony to which Anja Natus (NATUS GmbH & Co. KG) warmly welcomed. Wolfram Leibe (Mayor of the City of Trier) and Raimund Leibold (Regional Competition Leader Jugend forscht Rhineland-Palatinate) spoke. The regional competition director Dr. Sabine Servaty honored the participants and winners.

NATUS honors Jubilees – thanks for many years of commitment

On Friday, December 13, 2019, the annual ceremony for the NATUS jubilees was celebrated. In a festive atmosphere, 17 employees were honored for their 10 or 25 years of company membership. Three employees were retired.

NATUS awarded as "Attraktiver Arbeitgeber Rheinland-Pfalz 2019"

There are numerous medium-sized companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, that have done exemplary work in the field of corporate and personnel policy and have found solutions to meet the shortage of skilled workers. An independent jury has reviewed and selected proposals from the "IHK" as well as the "HWK" in Rhineland-Palatinate. On December 4, Frank and Anja Natus received a special award in Mainz in the premises of the " Investitions- und Strukturbank" from the State Secretary Daniela Schmitt: the award as ""Attraktiver Arbeitgeber Rheinland-Pfalz 2019".

NATUS donates the new "Deutschlandstipendien"

In a ceremony in November, the "Deutschlandstipendium" were awarded at the Hochschule Trier. The award ceremony marked the beginning of each new funding year and provided a first opportunity for personal exchange between NATUS and the gifted students.

NATUS awarded from HUSKY as "Supplier of the Year"

HUSKY Injection Molding Systems Ltd. has honored NATUS as "Supplier of the Year." The ratings for this award were provided by all Husky sites (Canada, USA, China and Luxembourg) that supply NATUS. The responsible for HUSKY at NATUS Mr. Rouven Michael and Mr. Alexander Becker accepted the award from Mr. Sascha Gerhards and Mr. Stephan König. NATUS is proud of this award, as HUSKY has been a business partner since 1984.

NATUS sponsors the dressage tournament Karthaeuserhof 2019

The "Trakehner Interessengemeinschaft Moselland" organized in September 2019 the 11th dressage tournament on the riding arena Karthaeuserhof in Eitelsbach. The spectrum of the tests ranged from young horse tests to exams of the class S *** Grand Prix de Dressage, which was held this year as the "Großer Preis von Rheinland-Pfalz - Dressur". Frank Natus, patron of the tournament, congratulated Mr. Sascha Schulz (Riders Club Luxembourg) to the victory of the NATUS sponsored Grand Prix.

NATUS welcomes 15 new trainees

In August 2019 we welcomed 15 new trainees. Five electronics for industrial engineering, one warehouse logistics specialist, one specialist for metal engineering in the field of construction technology, one technical product designer specializing in machine and plant engineering, two qualified IT specialists, three industrial clerk and one "Electrical Entry Qualification" are trained as well as a dual degree program (electronics technician for operating technology). In total, NATUS currently trains 48 young people.

NATUS supports holiday camp for children

Caritas has been looking after children and young people from socially disadvantaged families in the district of Trier-West / Pallien for years. We are very happy to support the social pedagogical group work of the daycare in a project. 40 children between the ages of 6-14 years drove to Neuerburg for a five day holiday. They spent a great time together in and around the castle Neuerburg.

NATUS supports "Jugendfeuerwehr Kreis-Zeltlager"

In the period from 29 June to 7 July 2019, the camp of the youth fire departments of the district of Trier-Saarburg in Thomm takes place. About 550 participants camp in 50 tents on the outskirts of Thomm. The 10 to 18-year-olds are being looked after by 50 fire brigade members of the local armed forces and the Kreisjugendfeuerwehrverbandes (KJFW). NATUS is one of the main sponsors of this completely volunteer organized tent camp.

“NATUS team:work“ at 6th Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier

At the 6th Bitburger 0.0% company run on May 29, 2019, 3872 runners reached the finish - including our "NATUS team: work" team. At this great event we were able to set a new NATUS track record, Philipp Becker ran the 5.2 km in the NATUS record time of 19:00 minutes.

NATUS at the "Hannover Messe"

Once again this year 2019, we will be represented at the world's largest industrial fair in Hanover. We present ourselves not only as manufacturer of medium-voltage and low-voltage switchgear, but also as project partner, as automation specialist and as service partner. The highlight this year: the presentation of the NATUS Ring Main Unit.

NATUS at the "elektrotechnik" in Dortmund

Experience from 13.-15. February 2019 the NATUS highlights at the leading electrical engineering trade fair in North Rhine-Westphalia and learn more about NATUS as manufacturer, as project partner, as automation provider and as service partner - we look forward to your visit at our booth.

NATUS donates "Deutschlandstipendien"

The "Deutschlandstipendium" offers gifted students from all parts of society the opportunity to concentrate fully on their studies. This support program is the ideal opportunity for NATUS to get in touch with the specialists and managers of tomorrow and at the same time be part of the increasingly important networks of business, science and society.

NATUS hosts the "Jugend forscht Regionalwettbewerb Trier"

Under this year's motto "Ask yourself!", NATUS welcomed more than 120 researching students and young people to the Trier competition on Friday, February 15, 2019, with a total of 65 projects. NATUS has been involved in "Jugend forscht" since 2010 and organizes the regional youth research competition every year in Trier.

NATUS honors Jubilees – thanks for many years of commitment

On Friday, December 14, 2018, the annual ceremony for the NATUS jubilees was celebrated. In a festive atmosphere, almost 30 employees were honored for their 10, 25 or 40 years of company membership. Three employees were retired.

NATUS leaves a lasting impression on "Kreis Junger Unternehmer Trier (KJU)"

At the end of November we opened our doors to nearly 60 members of the "Kreis Junger Unternehmer Trier" and gave them an insight into our company. Frank Natus answers the numerous questions of the interested participants during the tour through our production facilities. As with the leadership of the "Lions Club" at the beginning of November, the response was extremely positive in this circle as well. Our high degree of vertical integration, the modern production halls and the internationality and complexity of our products left a lasting impression.

Foto: ensch-media

NATUS invests in the future

On Thursday, November 22, 2018, was the official start of construction of the new production hall. Wolfram Leibe, Lord Mayor of the city of Trier, together with Frank Natus has made the symbolic groundbreaking. Numerous guests from politics, business and from NATUS were present. Mr Leibe paid tribute to this investment in Trier to safe existing jobs and create new jobs. For this he wished the company much success in the future. In December 2019, the hall, with a size of more than 3.000m², will be finished. 

NATUS Inhouse Seminar

"Preventive and Foresighted - Highest System Availability through Intelligent Maintenance Concepts" - the titel of the NATUS inhouse seminar 2018. In addition to the qualified lectures and revealing demonstrations on the topic of maintenance, our guests were able to discuss interesting facts about this topic in discussions with our experts.

NATUS welcomes new trainees

At the start of the new training year Frank Natus, managing partner, welcomed 18 new trainees in August 2018. Three "Electrical Entry Qualifications", seven  electronics engineers for operating technology, one specialist in warehouse logistics, three specialists in metal engineering specializing in design engineering, one IT specialist and three industrial executives are trained. NATUS is currently training a total of 46 young people.

Premiere - The Moselmusikfestival at NATUS

As part of the Mosel Musikfestival, the award-winning Berolina Ensemble performed the concert "Jenny and Karl - a Musical Love Story" on Sunday, August 12, 2018 in our production hall. In the age of Industry 4.0 and digitization, the gap between modern industrial production and classical music was stretched - a successful premiere!

“NATUS team:work“ at 5th Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier

Together with more than 3000 runners, our team "NATUS team: work" started again at the 5th Bitburger 0.0% company run in Trier on the 9th of May, 2018 - this year again the event was a great event!

NATUS supports children in Trier-West

With a donation of 5,000 euros NATUS has supported the children of the play and learning room "Bauspielplatz" in Trier-West, where the Caritasverband Trier e. V. afternoon offers care for children and adolescents between 6 and 14 years. The institution works family and social space oriented. The currently 70 children and adolescents are promoted in their individual abilities and strengths, they experience reliable relationships, emotional support and trust. The educational work includes homework help, lunch, socio-educational group work as well as holiday programs and camps. [Nbsp]

Three children from the play area came to the donation handover at NATUS: Stacie, Hamze and Tilo learned a lot about the production of switchgear and the training possibilities in the company. Uli Müller, head of the building play area, thanked in the name of all children with Anja and Frank Natus, who want to support the facility in the future.

NATUS named as one of the 50 outstanding Innovation Champions of 2017

In late 2017, NATUS received a significant award from WirtschaftsWoche, one of the most respected business magazines in Germany. The company was named as one of the 50 outstanding Innovation Champions of 2017. The innovation abilities of 3,500 SMEs in eight industries were analysed. In addition, expert interviews with some 200 decision-makers were conducted. At the focus were criteria such as innovation dynamics and innovation awareness, in combination with business performance.

NATUS honors Jubilees – thanks for many years of commitment

On December 15th,2019 we celebrated the annual ceremony for the Natus jubilees. More than 50 employees were honored for their 10, 25 and 40 years of company membership. Furthermore we took leave of three colleagues into retirement.

Start of training at NATUS: Welcoming the new recruits

At the start of the new training year, Frank Natus, managing partner, welcomed 12 new trainees. Two industrial executives, six electronics engineers for operating technology, two construction mechanics specialising in thin sheet metal construction, one specialist in warehouse logistics and a technical product designer specialising in machinery and plant construction are being trained. NATUS is currently training a total of 41 young people.

NATUS honours employees for their years of service - thanks for the years of commitment

NATUS employees receiving service awards in 2016 were honoured at a celebratory event on 9 December 2016. Over 30 staff members were honoured for 10, 25 and 40 years of service, and eight colleagues retired.

NATUS holds 60th company anniversary celebration

On September 8, 2016, NATUS celebrated 60 years of existence with selected guests at an official ceremony. These included the most important national and international customers; suppliers and partners from across the world were additionally invited. Also present were representatives from politics, associations and banks from Trier and Rhineland-Palatinate. The official speech by Frank Natus followed words of welcome by Rhineland-Palatinate Minister-President Malu Dreyer and by the Mayor or the City of Trier Wolfram Leibe.

NATUS gives new trainees a warm welcome

At the start of the new training year, Frank Natus, managing partner, welcomed 13 new trainees. Training for the industrial executives and trainees for the technical areas started on 1 August. The trainees include seven electricians for operating technology, two construction mechanics specialising in thin sheet metal construction, one specialist in warehouse logistics, one IT specialist in system integration and two industrial executives. NATUS is currently training a total of 39 young people.

NATUS holds large family summer festival for 60th anniversary

On 8 July, we held our family summer festival on the company premises. Attractions for young and old, culinary highlights, tours of our manufacturing site and a convivial get-together with good music made the day a special celebration for our staff, their families and friends.

“NATUS team:work" in 3rd Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier

60 years – 60 runners – this was the slogan of our team "NATUS Team: work", which lined up at the start of the 3rd Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier on 4 May 2016. Our team of 16 registered trainees was one of the largest trainee teams to take part. The great team effort was rewarded with excellent 5th and 19th places in the men’s team standings.

NATUS honours employees for their years of service - thanks for the years of commitment

NATUS employees celebrating anniversaries in 2015 were honoured at a celebratory event on 11 December, 2015. Over 20 staff members were honoured for 10 and 25 years of service, and eight colleagues retired.

NATUS receives award for excellent social engagement

We promote social integration not only for people in our company - we also assume social responsibility in the region of Trier. Hence it was a great pleasure for us to support the large "Magic Moments" benefit concert for refugee children in Trier.

NATUS board welcomes new recruits

Start of training at NATUS. After the two industrial executives started their training on 1 August, 11 additional trainees in technical areas started corporate life on 1 September. The new recruits were welcomed by Frank Natus, managing partner.

“NATUS team:work” has successful debut at 3rd Trier Dragon Boat Race

On Sunday, 23 August 2015 our “NATUS team:work” team lined up at the start of the 3rd Trier Dragon Boat Race (and understood the appeal of dragon boat sports). Thanks to a solid team performance, our team of newcomers achieved a sensational 2nd place in the Trier City Cup.

“NATUS team:work” also wins two awards at the SWT Corporate Challenge

At the SWT Corporate Challenge on 28 June 2015, our team “NATUS team:work” took 2nd place in the team classification thanks to elite runners J. Arweiler, K. Baranowski and M. Eckhardt. Trainee F. Fries won a special prize as the 500th finisher.

“NATUS team:work” at 2nd Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier

Along with almost 2000 runners, our team “NATUS team:work” lined up at the start of the 2nd Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge on 13 May 2015 and achieved a magnificent team result.

NATUS honours more than 40 employees for their years of service

NATUS employees receiving service awards in 2014 were honoured at a celebratory event on 12 December 2014. 38 staff members were honoured for 10, 25 and 40 years of service, and six colleagues retired.

NATUS organises youth research workshop at the University of Trier

NATUS GmbH & Co. KG, corporate sponsor of youth research foundation “Jugend forscht”, organised the “Jugend forscht” workshop for the region of Trier/Bitburg at the University of Trier on 29 September 2014, at the invitation of the University of Trier’s Faculty VI Regional and Environmental Sciences.

NATUS board welcomes new trainees

Frank Natus welcomes the 10 new trainees and presents the technical facilities that were improved this year in the various training departments.

Julia Klöckner visits NATUS

Julia Klöckner is fascinated by the highly modern manufacturing process and innovative specialists.

Direct neighbourly assistance - a matter of honour for NATUS!

NATUS is renovating the kindergarten facilities at the reception centre for asylum seekers in Trier.

NATUS wins one of the biggest contracts in the company’s history:

AUDI AG commissions NATUS to supply electrotechnical equipment for a new vehicle factory in Mexico.

Successful debut at the 1st Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier

The “NATUS team:work” team successfully participated in the 1st Bitburger 0.0% Corporate Challenge in Trier.

A high level of safe energy distribution

ETZ- Elektrotechnik + Automation reports on the NES-HD medium voltage switchgear from NATUS.
Please click here to read the short report: Link to ETZ