We are inclusive, we are diversity, we are Natus!

This is the name of the team, newly created in the spirit of NATUS‘ special value consciousness, committed to constantly increasing our awareness regarding such an important issue like equality and establishing it in our company and corporate culture

Regardless of one’s religion, nationality, skin color, appearance, language, gender or relationship form, everyone at our company should be treated and valued equally and given equal rights.

We are against discrimination, denigration, disparagement, exclusion, mobbing and violent language.

In our company we not only want to discuss the peaceful and respectful interaction of diverse cultures but also lead a high value system and a respectful attitude towards each other, whilst constantly living according to these principles

For this reason and in order to create awareness among all of us, to give a voice to the weak and to develop an even strong community, we have built a qualified team that has an open ear for issues that contradict the values mentioned above. This is a team that mediates, provides awareness and listens

In our company the team members, according to § 13 I of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), want to be the contacts who can be confidentially approached at any time and act as mediators and integrators in all our interests. As „Denkanstoß“, we will in future publish impulses for discussion, debate or simply for ref[1]lection or information. Topics on which and with which we can grow together.

„The basis of diversity is uniqueness.“ Ernst Ferstl