Cubicle types

PD type circuit-breaker cubicle

Cubicle for energy infeeding and distribution. Use as an incoming feeder cubicle, outgoing feeder cubicle or coupling cubicle for power of 630 to 6,300 A.

SD type fuse block cubicle

Distributor cubicle for fuse outgoing feeders, accepts inline switch disconnector fuses to size NH03 and modular plug-in cards (input inserted / output = fixed connection).

FD type fixed mounted cubicle

Multi-functional cubicle for installation of fixed distribution units, automation equipment, frequency converters and much more.

CD type compensation cubicle

Cubicle for modular reactive current compensation with compensation regulator to 400 kvar / cubicle, detuned. Cubicle can be fully switched on from the main busbar, so no need to switch off the main feed.