How NATUS automates your processes perfectly

As experts in automation technology, we offer you a full spectrum of smart solutions. NATUS has decades of experience in carrying out customised automation projects flexibly and cost-effectively. This guarantees you, the customer, a key competitive advantage.

It begins with a review of the target processes – including in respect of functional safety in accordance with IEC 61511. We manufacture your electrical cabinets and DCS cabinets, program and provide visualisation capabilities for your production automation, energy automation and global process control systems, and perform commissioning processes for them.

Our module library, which is based on the powerful PCS 7 process control system, is custom-engineered, compliant with power plant requirements, and ideally suited for use in all process systems. We have extensive experience with systems from B&R APROL, Rockwell Automation and more.

To reduce commissioning times significantly, your processes can be simulated on a digital twin, enabling a virtual commissioning process to be performed before the plant is even shipped.