Dual Study Programmes

Our dual study programmes combine practice-oriented studies at Trier University of Applied Sciences with practical experience in terms of vocational training in our company.

Dual Bachelor’s degree programmes:

Department of Engineering:

  • Electrical engineering degree programme (B. Eng.) Area of specialisation: Automation & Energy
  • Mechanical engineering degree programme (B. Eng.)
  • Engineering management degree programme (B. Eng.)

You are provided with vocational training as electronics technician for industrial engineering (Electrical engineering degree programme), as construction mechanic (Mechanical engineering degree programme) and as technical system planner (Engineering management degree programme) simultaneously.

Department of Computer Science:

  • Computer Science degree programme (B. Sc.)

Dual degree programme in Computer Science is again a practice-integrated type of study.

Dual Master’s degree programmes:

Following successfully completed dual study programmes in the above-mentioned departments of Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Engineering management and Computer Science we offer dual master’s degree programmes in Engineering and Computer Science.

Trier University of Applied Sciences provides Master’s degree programmes in Engineering in the following departments: Electrical engineering degree programme (M. Sc.), Mechanical engineering degree programme (M. Eng.) or Engineering management degree programme (M. Eng.).

Master’s degree programme in Computer Science is provided in the Department of Computer Science (M. Sc.).

Vocational training takes place in the project or product management as well as in the IT sector.

Career opportunities:

After successful completion of Bachelor’s or Master’s dual study programme you gain various career opportunities at NATUS, for Example in project management, automation, distribution or IT.