Module library

PCS 7 NATUS APL V9 – the module library made by NATUS

PCS 7 is a recognised, high-performance process control system. Based on the PCS 7 APL, NATUS has developed the modular library PCS 7 NATUS APL V9, which works like a module kit: basic functions can be added as modules to suit the respective individual application. Whether you are planning a new solution using PCS 7 control technology or the migration of your existing PCS 7 system – NATUS is your reliable partner!

NATUS component kit

  • PCS 7 NATUS APL V9 for PCS 7 V9
  • Suitable for power plant use in accordance with VGB R170
  • Use in power plants and all processing engineering systems (e.g. petrochemicals, mining, etc.)
  • Expansion of functionality via NCT (NATUS Controlword Technology)
  • Openly available
  • Customer training
  • Proprietary development of the PCS 7 NATUS APL V9 “Made in Trier by NATUS”

NATUS benefits

  • Basic functions with the option of modular additions
  • Expansion according to individual customer desires
  • No distinction between “large” or “small”
  • Careful handling of process objects for the operator station (OS), which saves licence costs
  • Integrated operator tracking
  • Performance of easy and effective migrations during a PCS 7 update / upgrade
  • Power plant requirements fulfilled according to VGB guideline R170 B0 to B6
  • Applicable in all processing plants