Functional safety

Safety first

As the complexity of electronic and especially programmable systems increases, the range of potential faults also grows. Accordingly the IEC 61508 body of standards (“Functional safety of programmable electronic safety-related systems”) promotes the use of various methods for preventing systematic failures (e.g. during the specification, implementation etc. of the system) and for safe management of outages and malfunctions.

When safety-orientated controls provide these safety functions reliably, we speak of functional safety.

We offer you the opportunity to migrate to a suitable programmable safety control system based on your own danger and risk analysis, be it as a stand-alone solution or an integrated, highly-available safety control system (SCS) in a process control technology system.

NATUS services

  • Support with system architecture and diagnostics in fail-safe components (hardware, software and communication)
  • Allocation of safety functions to protection levels
  • Design and planning of technical safety functions
  • Use of standardised F-library system functions
  • Use of safety applications such as Safety Matrix
  • Avoidance of systematic errors in development, e.g. specification and implementation errors
  • Monitoring of production environment to detect incidental errors
  • Safe management of detected errors and transition to a situation previously defined as safe
  • Installation and commissioning

As this involves your and our safety, the protection of personnel is the foremost priority for us – safety first.