IEC 61850 protocol

We network you intelligently.

The IEC 61580 standard describes a general transmission protocol for the protection and control devices in electrical switchgear. Since this standard was introduced, NATUS has been focused on this uniform protocol open to future needs.

In doing so we – as do our customers – appreciate the flexible communication architecture that enables your systems to be configured economically and in line with the project.

Smart applications such as switchovers or rear locking can also be integrated into existing networks under the IEC 61850 protocol.

Digitise your energy grids with us - we will network you intelligently.

NATUS benefits

With the IEC 61850 protocol

  • Open to future needs
  • Integration into new systems
  • Enhancement and modernisation of legacy systems
  • Definition of a uniform protocol for all areas of the switchgear
  • Coverage of all switchgear functions, from safety and automation to monitoring
  • Investment security via openness, enhance ability and future-proofing
  • Globally applicable and recognised standards, hence is the accepted key for interoperable solutions
  • Definition of quality assurance (reliability, system availability, data integrity, security etc.)
  • Definition of engineering process and its tools
  • Extension of the life cycle of an automation system and support with maintenance
  • Optimisation of the switchgear for different system types (scalable technology)
  • Use of available industrial Ethernet technology and its communication components
  • Basis for a consistent data model and continuous communication architecture from the control station to the switching device