We are the leading and most innovative solution provider for power distribution.



We manufacture switchgear and automation technology at the highest level and offer our customers complete electrical engineering solutions for power distribution all over the world. Our most important customer groups are international plant engineering, energy suppliers and heavy industry.

In this rapidly changing world with increasingly high challenges, we offer our employees an optimal working environment in which they feel comfortable, enjoy their work and identify with the company, its visions and goals to the highest degree. We are convinced that we can only achieve our best performance through this high level of identification.

Clear, transparent and respectful communication as well as constant exchange with our customers, business partners and employees are an indispensable factor in this.

We will do justice to future generations and the coming challenges by always aligning our actions and the development of our products with the highest standards and ecological aspects. Innovation and future orientation as well as the ability to adapt flexibly and professionally to future changes are our major goals.

Our mission statement below details our courses of action and goals that we intend to implement alongside our mission in order to achieve our vision.


Our Approach


NATUS GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Trier, Germany, has existed since 1956. As experts in the field of safe power distribution, we serve as a reliable partner to industry, plant construction and power suppliers. NATUS systems supply, control and protect industrial plants across the world. Our products and services range from state-of-the-art medium and low voltage systems, plant and process automation, control systems to turnkey project management, project engineering, industrial installation and service right through to integrated electrotechnical solutions. We provide our technical and process-based know-how to ensure the comprehensive and efficient management of complex electrotechnical solutions. As an internationally acting company, NATUS orients itself towards the needs of a constantly changing world market in this increasingly globalised world.

We are an independent family business, our thoughts and actions are based on long term thinking. We intend to substantially increase the inherited knowledge and pass it over to the next generation. With our customers, employees, suppliers and partners we strive for a successful cooperation based on sustainability that relies on traditional values like trust, dependability, fairness, quality and innovation. Human dignity is always in the centre of our efforts. We pursue the general aim of an ecological, economic and social sustainability.

In our corporate mission we have set the following concrete values and aims according to which we combine economic success with social responsibility on the basis of our corporate philosophy.


Our Objectives

Profitable growth and economical sustainability

Apart from satisfaction of our customers and motivation of our employees, a sustainable and profitable growth is one of the most important aims of our company. Growth stabilises and increases our market shares in this increasingly globalised world. Our sales structure as well as our international partners assist in transforming the German engineering ingenuity – highly esteemed across the world – into increasing turnover. Profitability is essential to secure a sound equity base and enables us to advance our products and to undertake the necessary investments aimed at expanding capacity and increase in efficiency. All this is a contribution to preserve existing jobs and create new ones and involves - in our opinion - a high degree of social responsibility for employees and their families, for the local authorities in our region as well as for the state.


One of the central strategic aims is the sustainable increase in value of our company. Here, the strongest driving force is innovation. In doing so, it is not enough to supply a superior product quality in the international competition, a sustainable optimising of our processes is needed as well. Apart from the specific new development and advancement of our products and processes, this innovation is reflected in the commitment of our employees, too. The possibility to hand in ideas and improvements via the continuous improvement process is seen as a strong and inexhaustible potential of our company and is used permanently and implemented.

Data protection and information security

We regularly assess our information security risks and do everything we can to protect data and information appropriately. We comply with the legal requirements and also observe them when transferring and sharing data outside the organization.

A risk assessment helps us to define realistic and appropriate measures to create a secure IT environment. We use our information technology responsibly.

Quality and compliance

Every employee makes an important contribution to the quality of our products. For this reason, developing the quality consciousness of the employees is an executive function for each manager. NATUS supports these efforts by further education and on-the-job-training of the employees. In specifying and arranging targets and in describing processes and procedures, the corporate management establishes the basis for a continuous improvement of the management system. Corporate management monitors the integrated management system (Quality, Health and Occupational Safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency) by regular reviews. Furthermore it is natural and an obligation for us to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements and if possible to exceed them. We intend to have satisfied customers who can absolutely rely on our quality.

Environment, energy efficiency and ecological sustainability

Our products and processes should be environmentally friendly, resource-saving and energy-efficient throughout the entire product life cycle.

Our products and processes should be environmentally friendly, we do not waste resources and energy. We intend to contribute actively to the protection and improvement of our environment. With our performance we intend to show that economy and ecology are not a contradiction here. Acting in an environmentally friendly way is especially important for us for the optimisation of our products in the field of power distribution. Regarding the significance of this task, our corporate policy is governed highly by the protection of the environment and by an energetic consideration. All significant environmental and energetic aspects are identified, evaluated and receive adequate evaluation in the context of the management system under attention of a continuous improvement process.We use renewable energies to meet our ecological responsibility in the best possible way. We evaluate our processes to sustainably reduce waste and CO2 emissions.


Our partners


Technical and commercial competence, strong commitment, creativity and loyalty of our employees are the most important elements of our business success. We assist our employees in the permanent improvement of their performance by further education and on-the-job-training. We entrust them with high responsibility and therefore put great trust in their abilities. We support the participation of employees and ensure individual support with central personnel development. With flexible working hours, we enable our employees to find balance between family and work in a targeted manner.

We commit ourselves to ensure health protection in relation to work-related injuries and illnesses, healthy working conditions and avoidance of accidents by means of preventive planning of the appropriate plants and processes. We also ensure safety at our workplaces, involve our employees in various ways and strive for fair, performance-related remuneration. For us, it is important that our employees strongly identify themselves with the company, and that they see the sense in their work gaining pleasure and satisfaction from it. Since human dignity is in the centre of our efforts, we therefore strive to treat our employees in the way we as individuals would like to be treated ourselves – expecting the same behaviour from them within the company and outside of it. As our companies philosophy the esteem of the fundamental rights of our employees is applied and represented by the consideration of equal opportunities and equal treatment notwithstanding skin color, race, nationality, social origin, possible hindrances, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions as well age or sex. Furthermore we do not tolerate any form of discrimination, annoyance, threat or other hostile and improper behavior at work. We decline any compulsory as well as child labour and do not engage any employees who are not at a minimum age of 15 years. Generally speaking we intend to treat every person in our company as well as our partners in a fair and trusting way, significant is the principle of the honourable merchant: “With decency, honour and conscience”.


Our priority is to completely meet the demands and expectations of our customers concerning the products and solutions we supply. On the one hand, this means the technically faultless implementation of our top quality products and services at fair market prices. On the other hand, we offer the classic advantages of a medium-sized owner-managed company like ability to react quickly, high flexibility, top service and proximity to customers. With all this we intend to inspire our customers striving to establish with them a trusting and long-term cooperation based on partnership. Only satisfied customers keep on seeking business contact with us and in doing so ensure the success and further development of our company.

Suppliers, creditors and other business partners

Mutual respect and trust is the basis of our business relationships and therefore we aim for reliable long term relationships and evaluate the performances of our suppliers and creditors demandingly but fair. Already at an early state we cooperate with our suppliers in the development of our products and problem solutions. Our procurement market is international. Provided that the performance is equal, we prefer regional suppliers. We intend to concentrate on few financial partners and cooperate with them in a fair, trustful and open way.

When procuring services and products, we take sustainability aspects into account and commit our business partners to our Code of Conduct. We consider our suppliers to be partners. At the same time, we also distance ourselves from suppliers who violate our Code of Conduct or whose ethical behaviour is questionable.

Public, social responsibility and social sustainability

We are on open and trusted terms with the public. In our region we assume a special social responsibility. We generally support diversity and the social integration and respect other cultures. We take part in youth development programs, support local sports clubs and disabled persons and are sponsor of the German youth science competition “Jugend forscht” (Youth researches). We commit ourselves within our means for the common good.

The current coronavirus pandemic is still changing and affecting our lives everywhere, posing an enormous challenge to our societies and to industry. Our priority at NATUS is still the protection of every individual’s good health, and this holds good for our own employees as well as our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Trier, January 2023

Frank Natus
Managing Partner