Why we focus on custom work

NATUS plans and develops the right, high-quality solution for any requirement – flexibly, quickly and individually. Our customers benefit from our patented technologies and the manufacturer-independent electrical equipment in our switchgears.

You can see for yourself – our modular, air-insulated, SF6 free, medium voltage switchgear systems, taking the form of single busbar or double busbar systems, are used among other things as circuit breaker switchgears in transformer substations and also as ring main units. Public clients such as electricity providers and power generators have come to appreciate our plant technology as much as industrial process engineering companies, who use our plants to control and protect transformers, motors, generators and cable networks.

Our compact, arc-tested, low-voltage switchgear systems are available with withdrawable technology or for fixed mounted technique and are used wherever maximum safety and maximum availability are demanded. Our plant systems not only satisfy the usual type tests in accordance with DIN EN 61439, but also meet earthquake engineering requirements as specified by IEC 980.

All of our plants are custom-produced on site and are subjected to multiple tests. Thanks to the high level of vertical integration in its production chain, you can be sure that when NATUS draws on the legendary reputation of German engineering, that its products really are “made in Germany”.